Sergio’s Barber shop

An old-fashioned style barbershop design achieved with present-day materials in the center of Astorga

DesignerAndrea Muñoz Design
ProductsuperPan Decor Paper Collage
Application Wall cladding
Location Astorga
Year 2015
Category Commercial Facilities

Since a year ago, Astorga has a new barber shop that has attracted attention among the neighbours for its appearance, reminiscent of the old establishments where men had their hair cut decades ago. The owner, Sergio García, is passionate about old barber shops and even collects the utensils used by his former colleagues and, when he commissioned the project to Andrea Muñoz Diseño, he asked her to recreate that ‘vintage’ atmosphere.

Thus, the designer tried to “look for the aesthetics of the past using present-day products”. For this reason, she opted for wooden furniture, hydraulic ceramic floors and leather armchairs. From the products, one that really stands out is the one chosen for the wall cladding, superPan Decor, a board composed of wood fibre faces and a wood particle interior, covered with decorative paper that has been impregnated with melamine resins.

Andrea Muñoz says that she opted for this type of board for its “ease of fitting”, as a wallpaper image is achieved with fast and dry work. Specifically, the installed design is Paper Collage, which evokes newspaper and that, according to the designer, helps to recreate the masculine atmosphere they were looking for in the barbershop.

The final result has delighted the owner, who has seen his dream of having a men’s hairdressers like those from the past, and also the neighbours, since it is a different place to those found in the area. On the other hand, the designer values the good results of the superPan Decor, a material with which she was working for the first time, which has allowed her to achieve the aesthetics she was looking for without having to carry out a laborious work.